A Letter from Tracy

Dear ECT Treatment.Org Members:

I thank God for giving me the strength to google “ecttreatment” and this amazing, informative and supportive website appeared. I can’t explain how I felt but I knew I needed and wanted help. My name is Tracy Sykes Thompson and I have an illness/condition called Bipolar I. This condition entered my life at the age of 24 after I gave birth to my daughter in 2002. I am a resident of a small town called Como, Mississippi and when I experienced my first episode, I didn’t know what to do or whether I would live. My mixed episodes are very severe. I first have mania that is followed by deep depression. Starting in 2002, I lived in this darkness for years and then finally a med worked but I didn’t know how severe my condition was since I didn’t have a support group. So, I stopped taking my meds and did great until August 25, 2011.

I experienced another episode in 2011 when everything repeated itself and I didn’t know what to do. Once again I was in a very dark place and life was passing me by. I visited doctor after doctor and tried med after med and nothing helped. My family didn’t know what to do for help but everyone knew I needed it. I questioned God, I hated God and I thought no one knew what I was experiencing. I asked God to help me and one day (January 2012) I heard Dr. Oz say that shock treatment could help with depression and the next day I began my research. I asked my insurance company to see if they would cover the treatment called “ECT” and they said “yes.”

After that, I started googling to find out more about depression, bipolar, mania, etc. and in March, 2012 , I googled “ECT Treatments” and ecttreatments.org appeared. It is unexplainable how great it felt to see this website because I didn’t know what to expect of shock treatments but having this website at my fingertips to answer questions that no one else or no other website did was amazing. This website was sent by God. I was hopeless, fearful and lost but your website had testimonials from people who had been where I was at that moment and had gotten better with the use of ECT. Special thanks to Cynthia and Jamie for giving my family and me support through the hardest of times. Your website was and will continue to be priceless to Tracy Sykes Thompson. I pray for the day I can meet you all but until then, please keep me in your prayers and I look forward to when I can help other people the way you have helped me.

With love and gratitude,

Tracy Sykes Thompson

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