A Miraculous Healing

It was a nightmare, except that it wasn’t a dream.  It was six months of increasing depression for my wife who ate, drank and slept less and less, going from 135 to 96 pounds.  A psychiatric drug cocktail in early April 2010 brought on serotonin syndrome that severely damaged her health.  In subsequent psychiatric treatment other psychiatric drugs were given her that were largely useless, harmful, or addictive.  These drugs over a six month period included Lexapro, Ativan, Ambien, Buspar, Valium, Abilify, Depacote, Seraquel, and Zyprexa.  Despite or perhaps because of these drugs she became progressively worse and was in such decline that she would have undoubtedly died within weeks.

On September 9th 2010 we were referred to Dr. Charles Welch of Massachusetts General Hospital, who told her that she was the perfect candidate for Electro Convulsive Therapy (EC T).  A follow-up appointment was made for September 16th when Dr. Welch referred her to Dr. Stephen Seiner for ECT as an inpatient at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.  After several days of medical tests, she began ECT three times a week with immediate positive results.  After 11 treatments in 20 days, she was released from the Hospital with subsequent weekly treatments which have been gradually spaced to one treatment a month.

There is no doubt that ECT saved her life and has allowed her to re-establish a happy and meaningful life with my support and that of friends, a therapist, her psychiatrists, her church, and a group of patients and their partners called, “ECT: A Light in the Darkness.”  She takes a minimum of psychiatric drugs, Lexapro and Zyprexa, which after ECT seem to help. The only side effect of ECT for her has been a partial loss of short-term memory.  This, however, has been a wonderful blessing since she has little recall of the nightmare from which she has awakened. 

Merrit H.

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