How ECT Helped Faith

I had my first severe depression when I was 33 studying for my Masters Degree in Educational Psychology. I was in and out of the psychiatric hospital for about four months. During this time I also had intense physical pain and had to be in rehabilitation for my pain condition. In addition to being the psychiatric hospital I had to be in an inpatient hospital for my fibromyalgia because the pain was bad. I really was scared and didn’t know if this condition would get better. After trying many medications they finally used ECT. I had around 7 treatments and it was a miracle. The pain and the depression lifted.  I was able to return to meaningful volunteer work and finish my Masters Degree. When I felt stronger I went back to human service work which I truly love. I feel that even if we go through rough patches with our depressions there is a beacon of light.  I believe it is important to bring hope and promise to others who are going through challenges. ECT was a godsend to me.

I am now 41 and I have had about four to five major depressions. Thank God not as bad as the first one. However, enough to land me back in the hospital but again ECT was used and I had about six treatments for each one. The depressions came about every two years. However, ECT is my miracle and helped me get out of the depression every time.  I have bounced back fast from every episode and I feel that ECT was what helped me get out of the darkness into the light.

ECT has been so powerful in my life and I give thanks and praise to it. Although I get somewhat nervous with ECT I know that it has helped me and I have had no memory issues or any problems with this procedure.

If any one asked me would you wait until the medication works or try ECT. I would suggest that ECT can kick the depression out of you or support you getting better faster. They have done so much for this treatment to be noninvasive. The doctors and nurses called me the poster child for ECT.  

I thank my parents, family and friends who have supported me in my depression. When I am feeling well which is most of the time I love being with them at their sporting games, vacations and holidays. I give thanks to the doctors who perform miracles with this treatment.

I also give thanks to God or you can say Higher Power, the one who you can put trust in who helps you weather the storms. I was in the mountains once on a trip in a big bus at a mental health conference in Denver, Colorado and the title was climbing the recovery mountain together and saw a beautiful double rainbow. I believe that this was a message that I wanted help others to see that someone will always be there holding your hand or walking beside you to help you see that the rainbow will appear after the storm.

Play Frank Maroney's song, "A Light in the Darkness."